Department of Plant Pathology

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Dr S C Saxena

Professor Soybean agronomy, cropping system Weed Control and... View Profile

Dr K P S Kushwaha

Professor Pulse Pathology, Mycology... View Profile

Dr A K Tewari

Professor Oilseed Pathology, Bio-control and IPM... View Profile

Dr Satya  Kumar

Professor Nematology... View Profile

Dr Yogendra  Singh

Professor Sorghum and Forest Pathology... View Profile

Dr Vishwanath

Professor Rice Pathology... View Profile

Dr R P Singh

Professor Fungicides, Ecology of Soil- borne Plant Pathogens... View Profile

Dr K P Singh

Professor Fruit Pathology... View Profile

Dr Karuna  Vishunavat

Professor Plant Pathology, Seed Pathology, biosecurity and b... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar

Professor Maize Pathology and Fruit Pathology, Plant Pathol... View Profile

Dr R K Sahu

Professor Plant Pathology, Sugarcane Pathology, Seed Patholo... View Profile

Dr L B Yadav

Associate Professor Mycology and Pulse Pathology... View Profile

Dr Manju  Sharma

Assistant Professor Plant Virology... View Profile

Dr Shilpi  Rawat

Assistant Professor Oilseed Pathology Mushroom... View Profile

Dr Rashmi  Tewari

Assistant Professor Seed Pathology / Seed Health Technologies... View Profile

Dr S K Mishra

Senior Research Officer Mushroom Production Technologies... View Profile

Dr Roopali  Sharma

Senior Research Officer Biological Control and IPM Technologies... View Profile

Dr Bijendra  Kumar

Senior Research Officer Small Millets and Rice Pathology... View Profile