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Dr Ajeet Kumar Karnataka

Professor IPM, Soil Biota Management, Apiculture... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Prakash Srivastava

Professor Bioactive Plant Natural products, sericulture, ins... View Profile

Dr Surendra Nath Tiwari

Professor Entomology... View Profile

Dr Chandra Pal Singh

Professor Plant Clinic, IPM,ICM ... View Profile

Dr Pramod Mall

Professor Beekeeping, Floriculture... View Profile

Dr R S Bisht

Professor Aquatic Entomology, Tea Entomology, Wheat Entomolo... View Profile

Dr M.S. Khan

Professor Honeybees and Pollinators, Insect Pollination, Ins... View Profile

Dr C. P. Singh

Professor Plant Clinic, IPM and ICM, Economics Entomology... View Profile

Dr R M Srivastava

Professor Vegetable Entomology, Molecular Entomology and Pes... View Profile

Dr A.K. Pandey

Professor While grub, Cutworm Management and IPM... View Profile

Dr R P Maurya

Assistant Professor Biocontrol, IPM... View Profile

Dr Renu  Pandey

Assistant Professor Insect Pathology... View Profile

Dr Poonam  Srivastava

Assistant Professor Honeybees and Pollinators, Insect Pollination, Hor... View Profile

Dr Meena  Agnihotri

Assistant Professor Biocontrol, Taxonomy, Pulse Entomology, IPM... View Profile

Dr Ruchira  Tiwari

Assistant Professor Apiculture, IPM, Storage Entomology... View Profile

Dr Neeta  Gaur

Assistant Professor Soybean Entomology, IPM, Wheat Entomology... View Profile