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Dr Chandra Bhushan

Professor Pulses, Agronomy... View Profile

Dr Naresh Malik

Professor Rice, Millets (Hill Agriculture ) and Sugarcane... View Profile

Dr V K Sah

Professor Forest Ecology and Silviculture... View Profile

Dr D K Singh

Professor Rice Agronomy, Organic Farming... View Profile

Dr V K Singh

Professor Pulses Agronomy, Fertility Management... View Profile

Dr M S Negi

Professor Medicinal and Aromatic Plants... View Profile

Dr K S Shekhar

Professor Extension Agronomy... View Profile

Dr B. S. Mahapatra

Professor Agronomy... View Profile

Dr S K Lavania

Professor Agroforestry... View Profile

Dr M. S. Pal

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Vijay Pal Singh

Professor Wheat Agronomy, Soil Fertility, Nutrient Managemen... View Profile

Dr Rohitashav Singh

Professor Weed Management and Cropping System... View Profile

Dr Virendra Singh

Professor Silviculture, Forest Management, Tree Seed Technol... View Profile

Dr Dheer Singh

Professor ... View Profile

Dr P. C. Pandey

Professor Rice Agronomy, Nutrient Management... View Profile

Dr Sunita T. Pandey

Professor Areas of Expertise... View Profile

Dr Sumit Chaturvedi

Associate Professor Cropping System Research, Conservation Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Anil Shukla

Associate Professor Rapeseed and Mustard Agronomy... View Profile

Dr V C Dhyani

Associate Professor Conservation Agriculture Abiotic stress Management... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar

Assistant Professor Soybean Agronomy, Organic Farming, Hill Agricultur... View Profile

Dr Amit Kesarwani

Assistant Professor Wheat Agronomy, Sustainable Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Kranti Kumar

Assistant Professor Weed management, Pulses Agronomy... View Profile

Dr Biswajit Pramanick

Assistant Professor Cropping system and Farming System research, Soil ... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Rice Agronomy, Hill Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Tej Pratap Singh

Senior Research Officer Farm Machinery and Power Engineering... View Profile

Dr Som Pal Singh

Senior Research Officer Crop Production... View Profile

Dr Subhash Chandra

Chief Scientist ... View Profile